Jehane Boden Spiers is a highly respected Designer, Art Agent, Mentor, & Consultant. 

Founder of "The Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Awards" at Brighton University 3-D Design 




"Jehane has worked tirelessly from day one, putting a lot of effort into promoting me and my work. We now have a great stationery deal in the bag with Museums & Galleries and I am most grateful for her attention to detail and professional approach which makes our collaboration both easy and fun".


MENTOR SERVICES - BEATRICE VON PREUSSEN - Artist in Residence at Battersea Zoo

“Jehane was exceptionally good at listening to each specific question that I had, precisely identifying what the key points were and how I could deal with them. I very much appreciated the extra "worksheets" and the time that Jehane had evidently put in prior to our meeting, we got the very best out of the time available. I also took away a better understanding of what an illustration agent does, how licensing works, the tricky subtleties of copyright and commission work”.



PORTFOLIO REVIEW - TABITHA MARDLE - Textile Designer for Siyaram Ltd

  “I found Jehane very warm & welcoming, lovely and easy to talk to. I found it useful to get thoughts on where my work would fit in the industry. Jehane encouraged me to keep pursuing personal projects and offered really constructive feedback on my portfolio which will hopefully see me improve my work and gain more freelance job opportunities in the future. I would definitely highly recommend Jehane to friends looking to publish and license their work”.



ONE-TO-ONE ARTIST CONSULTATION - NICOLA MILES - Textiles Graduate, Northbrook College 

  “I was particularly impressed with Jehane's enthusiasm for both her own design process and the work of fellow designers. My consultation with Jehane was extremely helpful - her ability to scan my portfolio and quickly identify aspects of designs that were particularly successful was very impressive. I came away with new insights and ideas about my design process and how to take my ideas forward. I intend to go back for advice in the future".





Jehane has the gift to make everybody around her comfortable. I can sincerely say that she is probably the hardest-working & passionate person I know and doesn't miss a chance to share her knowledge. Jehane taught me invaluable skills; to keep an eye on detail and the importance of maintaining a “human” relationship with every client. Jehane has been such an important part of my career development; putting her trust in my work and pushing me to be the best that I can. I hope you will have the chance to have Jehane as a mentor; she has the beautiful capacity to see potential in everyone and bring out the best that you can do”.