Jehane Boden Spiers is a highly respected Designer, Art Agent, Mentor, & Consultant. 

Founder of "The Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Awards" at Brighton University 3-D Design 



"Jehane was exceptionally good at listening to each specific question that I had and precisely identifying what the key points were and how I could deal with them. I very much appreciated the extra "worksheets" and the time that Jehane had evidently put in prior to our meeting, we got the very best out of the time available" BEATRICE VON PREUSSEN


Do you feel like you are not meeting your potential? Is it hard to implement all the things you would like to do at once?

Would it be helpful to speak to an industry expert without the commitment of having an Agent? Would you like to know more about the pros and cons of having an Agent, how Agents work, or need a second opinion on what to charge for a licensing project or commission?  

Jehane offers Artist Consultations & Mentoring sessions for one-hour, half or full days, or a series of sessions over a few weeks or periodically over a longer-term period; either via Skype, a visit to you if local to Brighton, or at Jehane's Brighton home. Sessions are costed at a flat fee, payable in advance.

Any of these structured half day sessions (three and a half hours) can be combined together to create one full day; Jehane will naturally not connect you with agency clients or share agency secrets.

Sessions can be tailored to suit your own individual needs & queries.

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Please contact Jehane for full details on these structured sessions below; 


"A one-to-one consultation can quickly help you to identify ways to achieve your goal. I will give you constructive feedback on your Portfolio; identifying strengths, giving advice on how to develop your portfolio as a whole, how to mock-up ideas for products, and suggest how to take your ideas forward".


"Learn how to benefit from the success of your own designs instead of selling full copyright. I will guide you through the basics of a licensing contract; enabling you to takeaway both a check-list of the essential terms needed, key questions to ask clients, and a step-by-step guide of the complex life-cycle from creating an image all the way to final product being launched". 


"This session aims to start you off with all the skills you need to represent yourself. I will help guide you through the variety of skills needed in order to present yourself at your best; how to present your brand, approach new clients, how to negotiate an industry job and private commissions, and how to get the most of your client relationships".


I look forward to hearing from you

Jehane x 


Jehane Boden Spiers is a recommended Mentor for Viewvo - offering career-changing shadow opportunities and consultancy services.