Jehane is an award-winning creative entrepeneur; Designer, Art Licensing Agent, Consultant & Mentor 


Founder of "The Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Awards" at Brighton University 3-D Design 

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It's always intriguing and fun to see what the Top Nine App comes up with at the end of the year - was your favourite image included?

We were delighted to see our top nine include one of Jehane's brand patterns (Red Damask at number 4), Cressida Bell's design (Red Bouquet at number 8), and Jane Robbins' best-selling Christmas card design for Museums & Galleries (Robin on the fence at number 3) along with other bobby-dazzlers! 

At number one is the wonderful Genine's peacock design, at number two Yumiko Higuchi's mesmerising hand-embroidery, and unique paintings on enamels by the Mexican artist Jet Martinez at number five.

The 'Wild Swimming' book by Flora Jamiesona and illustratred by Gemma Koonen was a big hit of 2017 and it's no surprises to see it here.

Likewise, Karen Mabon's "Black Swans" which came accompanied with a special family story which we'll be posting in a separate blog post next! Last but not least the wonderful Suzani chair from No Name Design in Turkey, which you read more about on our recent blog post.

We are already looking forward to TOP NINE 2018!

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Happy New Year! I am welcoming in the year with the breaking news of my new company under the name of Jehane Ltd.

I am excited to be developing a new business which expresses my wider skill-set and a cross-platform approach. My vision is to combine all my creative roles under one umbrella including Artists’ Agent, Artist Consultant, and my own work as a Designer - with a focus on design-led projects and leading contemporary artists.

Watch this space for details of licensing projects, commissions, new artist collaborations, new products featuring my designs, a new website, two curated events during the Brighton Festival in May & more.  

Sign up to my new mailing list if you’d like to receive full updates, trends & moodboards, informative articles, and industry news.

Wishing you all the best for your plans, actions, and dreams in 2018!

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It's always an exciting time on the run up to Christmas as publishers make final decisions on new product lines and extensions to existing licensed ranges for the forthcoming year.

We have been working hard behind the scenes with leading publisher Musuems & Galleries and are looking forward to seeing the new additions to their exclusive Cressida Bell licensed stationery range. The 2018 range will include Christmas & Thank You cards, notelet packs, wrapping paper, slimline notebooks, elasticated journals, writings sets, bookmarks, tissue paper, and gift-bags.

Cressida Bell is a British designer with a unique and timeless style - contact MGML for trade orders and products can be ordered directly by retail customers on Cressida's website, including her amazing scarves! 

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Sgraffito has it's roots in the Italian language. It is a technique either of wall decor, produced by applying layers of plaster tinted in contrasting colours to a moistened surface, or in pottery, by applying to an unfired ceramic body two successive layers of contrasting slip or glaze.

My favourite architectural example of Sgraffito is this beautiful building in Barcelona, built in 1903. Situated at 75 Padua Street, it was designed by Catalan architect Jeroni Granell. One of many Art Nouveau buildings in Barcelona by emminent architects including Gaudi and Sagnier, the work of Jeroni Granell has gone largely unnoticed. 

I never tire of admiring this wonderful decoration - one wouldn't expect that painting a house in these bold colours would still have a softness of atmosphere and calm about it, but it does....

Kate Russell creates her own modern interpretation of the Sgraffito techniques in a collection of pottery. I have been admiring her beautiful ceramics which have a touch of folk art to them, remeniscent of times gone by and I love the way her technique is effective in both decorative and illustrative work. Most defintiely to be both admired and collected! 

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The Just a Card campaign, set up by artist Sarah Hamilton, is engaging makers, designers, retailers, and consumers to spread the word that supporting independent makers and galleries can be as simple as buying "just a card". The little things add up and many independent outlets depend on these small sales to support the overall whole ....the message is simple. And effective.

The campaign is proven to be making a positive difference, after three years of incredible work and dedication from Sarah and her team of volunteers, both shops and makers are saying it is impacting positively on their income and momentum around the campaign is growing every day. It includes a new Xmas Gift guide and Christmas cards designed by Benedict Cumberbatch, raising vital funds for Anno's Africa.

Friday 24th November saw Just a Card launch INDIE FRIDAY - a movement against Black Friday "Say no to crap TV and blatant consumerism...Let's celebrate the craft, passion & love of INDEPENDENTS on INDIE FRIDAY. Many Independents can't compete with discounts offered by chains. We are the little people.....until now - let's be loud, proud and united".

My own offer for Indie Friday has generated art consultancy sessions with artists from the UK, New Zealand, and the USA. 

The JUST A CARD message doesn't just sound good - it works!

Join in with Just A Card hour tonight - every Thursday at 8pm. 

Let's all help our creative industry to thrive.